Hormone Optimization

Hormone imbalance is a concern for women and men as aging and environmental stressors have increased in our modern society. No matter what your stage in life, whether you are young or older, the balance of hormones is essential to your everyday living. Hormone optimization is the balancing of the hormones involved in maintenance and repair of the body and biome for optimal health, strength and longevity. Hormone balance and optimization have been shown to help in restoring; energy levels, sleep patterns, improving sense of well being, Immune system function, improving strength, restoring llibido, and maintaining bone density. 


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) also has been used to address migraine headaches, menstrual irregularity, PMS symptoms, restore vigor, lessen feelings of depression and nervousness4, improve memory and focus4, and enhance overall sense of well-being.  Hormonal deficiency is a common cause of hair loss, skin wrinkling and visible signs of aging. Restoring levels through therapy with estradiol, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid hormones can help to restore skin vitality, regenerate muscle density and re-grow hair.


At Regen 33 we have choices for addressing individuals needs through transdermal creams, oral troches or insertion of pellets.. We are experts at restoring balance and vitality. The results of re-establishing that balance can be life-changing.